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Natural places are always the first preferences of travellers to meet their goal of being happy and hilarious during holidays. Triplet Falls – Otways National Park, Kennett River – Wild Koalas, Lorne and Teddy's Lookout are my favourite destinations in the country of Australia.  As far as my point of view is concerned these places are responsible to give you lot of joy and the hilariousness. Your children get bored during summer holidays and I want to persuade you to take them to these beautiful places of Australia. I would discuss about these places in detail.

Triplet Falls – Otways National Park the favourable destination

You will see the beautiful falls at this national park. The fact is that, water comes out from the mountains and it directly comes down from mountains. When you come to this place, you actually feel like you are the part of this national park. Sometimes you are stressed from your routine life but on the other side, when you come to this place; you feel the water and greenery around you and your stress gets disappeared. The greenery is the part of nature that becomes responsible to provide you with the peace and happiness. Your children would feel the realness of nature when they come to this national park and there is not end of their fun.

Kennett River – Wild Koalas is the special destination

If you like seeing to Koalas then you must come to Kennett River. When you come here, you would come to know that; wild Koalas like to live alone and sit on the trees. They look so lethargic and their climbing is also very slow. This river is the excellent one and you will find the different types of trees. You should see wild Koalas when they start eating bamboos. In addition, I want to tell you that; Wild Koalas are soft animals and their puberty indicates that; what type of animals they are? When they sit on the tree and start sleeping, it brings you the feeling of affection towards wild Koalas. You kids will really like this thing in the nature of wild koala.

Lorne the best ocean coast and the town

Lorne is the town where you can come along with your kids. You will find great spots in this town likewise Cafes and boutique shops. Otway National Park comes first after this town. When you come to cafes, you will drink the coffee. All the cafes in this town are situated near to the sea. Therefore, you can enjoy both the coffee as well as waves of the sea water. Mantra apartments are best to stay if you want to see water of the sea. Greenery of Mantra apartment drags your mind to like it. Every corner inside the Mantra apartment is clean and tidy. I would say that; maintenance is there. You can live for a week here along with your kids and roam around the town.

Teddys Lookout the wonderful natural place

If you will come to this place, you would observe the mountains and greenery around everywhere. There is also a road that goes through the mountains. You can drive your car on the road built over the mountains and enjoy the overall greenery around this place. You also see the great sea when you come here to have fun with your kids. Water of the sea becomes the major attraction because it has the combination of green and the blue colour. This is proven to be the best and beautiful destination where you can do all your favourite activities likewise swimming, gaming and cycling.


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