Structures for Solar Panels. Ways to Join Solar Panels to Your Roof

Imagine a day of very strong wind or heavy rain, which can happen to our solar panels? Can they fly off and end up at your neighbor's house?

Today I am going to talk about one of the most important parts of a photovoltaic installation: anchors or supports.

Plates, inverter, regulator, battery ... all this is important but without a good anchorage, your installation of photovoltaic solar energy will not last long, nor will you make the most of it.
The supports have two main functions:
  • Fasten the plates to the structure
  • Attach the structure to the roof (in case your installation is on the roof)
  • As you can imagine, if this support does not work well, several disasters may occur ...
  • Make a list with all the details of your installation taking into account these 5 points:
  1. What types of anchoring / support system are there in the market?
On flat roofs, we have inclined systems with ballasts or AF (adjustable flat) -FLAT fixings, where the triangles are fixed directly to the surface or on ballasts. This type of structure is extremely flexible and can be adapted to any position of the module, angle, etc.

And when the deck is flat and cannot support much weight and cannot be drilled, a lighter option like the AERO structure is more advisable.
On sloping roofs, the thing changes, the plates will be attached to the roof of your home / business. They can have a vertical or horizontal position.

 Systems with AF-ROW triangles (North-South oriented belts) allow the East-West base profiles to intersect with the belts, therefore it is not necessary to match the triangles with the belts.

And if the straps are oriented East-West with North base, the AF GRID system allows for the intersection with the straps.

     2.Measures of solar panels, weight and orientation (vertical or horizontal)

There are 3 types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous. Some weigh more than others, so they will need a better fixation. You also have to measure the width and height of each plate (mm), since some are more rectangular. Buy solar panel online is not an easy task, so I must suggest you to please home honest review online on website who writes researched reviews on regular basis.

And finally, do we put the plates vertically or horizontally?

In installations where no shadows are provided and you want to occupy as little space as possible, the vertical arrangement of modules is usually chosen.

And in installations that provide horizontal shadows or areas where there is a lot of wind force and there are no space problems, the horizontal placement of the photovoltaic panels is usually chosen.

  1. Environment
It is not the same, to make an installation in an urban area full of surrounding buildings, then in a more isolated area with trees. Describe the environment of your installation.
  1. Roof inclination and orientation of the plates.
This is one of the most important parts, because if they are not placed well, the panels will not give the maximum performance

Typical error that is seen in almost all the facilities connected to the network on two gable roofs: They believe that if you put an inclined structure perpendicular to a roof with east or west orientation that turns south.

 Not so, the greater the inclination of the roof, the more it is necessary to correct the orientation of the panels supposedly towards the other side (on the west deck towards the east) so that it turns out to be true south orientation.
  1. Number of plates that you need to install.
It always has to have a distance between them. From this comes another question: will I have enough space on my roof?

The number of best solar panels that you have to install depends on the power. In the market there are manufacturers of panels of many types (some larger and others smaller). Choose the one that suits you.

Taking into account these 5 points you can already make an ides of the type of anchoring or support that interests you.

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