Tips For Wedding Photography

A wedding is a super special occasion. The wedding photographer has a crucial role to play, to capture the various moments for posterity.

You may learn some tricks of trade in photography classes in Delhi. So how to make sure that as a photographer, you capture some of the best clicks of the event?

Here are a few tips:
  • Create a list of shots-It is a good idea to get the couple to anticipate some shots which they would like you to shoot and create a list which you can check off one by one. This is true particularly of family pictures. So avoid the disaster of forgetting to get a shot of the happy couple with their grandma.
  • Appoint a coordinator for family wedding photos-At a wedding, most people are in a ‘festive spirit’. This can amount to total chaos. Arrange for the couple to nominate a family member (one for each side of the family), who can oversee the photo shoot. They can help in congregating groups of family and friends and guide every picture so that the couple is saved of such responsibilities.
  • Study the location-Pay a visit to the locations of various places which you will be shooting, before the arrival of the big day. It is good for the photographer to know where the wedding group is heading, get ideas for some shots and to know the potential play of lighting. You may even take some test shots.
  • Make proper preparations-You need to be well prepared for contingencies: so much can go wrong on the day. Be prepared with a backup plan, charge batteries, be aware of routes and time taken to reach the wedding venue and get a full day’s itinerary. If possible attend the rehearsal of the wedding where you will get vital information about lighting, positions for shots, order of ceremony etc.
  • Consider needs of the couple-Share with the couple, information about your style/ work. Find out what they desire to achieve, how many shots they desire, what are the crucial things which they wish to record, what manner the shots will be printed etc.  Also, make them aware of the price you will charge for catering to all their needs.
  • Switch off camera sound-Don’t mar or disturb the event by setting off beeps during the chanting of mantras during the wedding ceremony, speeches etc. Switch off the sound from your equipment beforehand.
  • Don’t miss the details-A wedding is an event planned carefully to the last detail. Don’t forget to take photographs of floral decorations, details of dresses of bride and groom, the wedding cake, flowers, table decorations, the jewelry, menu etc. These will make your wedding album extra special.
  • Use more than one camera-Arrange for an extra camera for the ceremony. Set it up with a different lens. Wide angle lens may be used for tight spaces and candid shots. Use a longer lens for other shots. You can learn about right kind of cameras in professional photography courses in Delhi.
  • Use a second photographer-Having a back-up photographer will be a good strategy. It implies less moving around during speeches and ceremony, permitting one to shoot formal shots and other to garner candid shots. It also reduces pressure on you to capture all the shots.
These are some tips for great wedding photography.
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