Entertaining Activities To Sustain Your New Year Vibes

Everyone else is busy making Christmas party plans and looking for New Year celebration gatherings. If you are a true seeker and don't feel content with only new year celebrations, prepare for something enthusiastic to indulge in just after the New Year ends.

As soon as the holidays get over and you step into your busy schedule of work, you are definite to get stressed. Look for events in Pune to derive the most from your revitalizing tour.
  • Camp Transylvania: Organised by Sohel Kanngg, this is a one-day one-night lakeside trip (Pavana lake) to restore your inner peace. There will be camping and trekking which means you'll have to stay in tents. This trip is absolutely kid-friendly. There will be many games for your entertainment. You can go for nature trails along the banks of the lake. Campfire will be set up once the sun goes down along with barbecue. You will feel heavenly as you wake up to the scenic view of the sunrise, and the cool and calming beauty of the stars will lull you to sleep.
Time : Sat, 6 Jan 2018 1:00PM - Sun, 7 Jan 2018 12:00PM
Venue : Baner Hwy Side Rd , West Pune
Rs.1700 per head.
  • Manali Adventure Camp: Explorers organize this 10-day trip. It is a long trip away from the busy and dusty city life, into the tranquil and mesmerizing Himalayas. This camp is ideal for beginners to learn and develop outdoor skills and leadership. Activities like camping, trekking, rope skills, basic rock climbing skills, outdoor survival skills, river crossing skills, white water rafting will be taught with care. Participants will be taken to the nearby snow point, silver for forest and definitely provide you enchanting tour memories. They will provide ample and quality food and water. Adequate first-aid and security measures will be in place.
Time and Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 6:00AM.
Location: Manali, Himachal Pradesh.
Venue: Explorers , Central Pune ( call for seat booking)
Pocket pinch per person is Rs. 20,500 approx. for 20days. However, you can avail special discounts for group tour.
  • Salher – Mulher – Salota – Hargad – Morgad Trek : Organised by explorers. This is a one-day one-night stay trip. Tour price includes everything from barbecue to camping in tents. People of 15-50 age group are ideally fit to participate. People over 50years needs to get special permission.
Time and Date: 20 To 21 January 2018
Location: Nashik BASE VILLAGE : Salher - A mythological place where Parshuram was believed to complete his asceticism.
 Price: Rs. 2800/ per head.
  • Mr. & Miss India - 2018: Pune Auditions. The college going folks passionate about fashion and acting, or those confident about their talents of performing arts should give this a definite try! Interested people should know the eligibilities and marital status for participation.
Time and Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 11:00AM
Venue : Pune, Maharashtra , Pune.
Every holiday seems to pass like a whirl of wind. You might strike with new year blues, and might be feeling low for taking up the pressure all of a sudden. Hence it will be an intelligent idea to do some pre-planning for a short and refreshing trip at the weekends.
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