A New Way to Enjoy Game Night

Anybody who enjoys board games probably eventually gets tired of playing the same games over and over. While game nights with friends are a lot of fun, it's important to shake it up every once in a while with a new game. Tactical games in particular are a great way to pit friend against friend. The attractiveness of some war games is enough for people to invest in miniatures as well as model scenery that can be painted and customised to fit personal needs.

A Different Type of Gaming
Not many people have heard of miniature wargaming, but those who have love this hobby. Players battle each other with small figurines that represent different troops. While gridded gaming areas can be used to measure distance travelled, more commonly players will measure with a predetermined standardised stick, tape, or ruler. There are many different types of figures available for purchase, and their quality will vary depending on their material as well as how they are painted.

Shopping for Miniatures
Shopping for the supplies you need to wargame can be a lot of fun. Figures can be quite small, from 6mm up to much larger ones around 90mm. These figures are generally made of metal or plastic. If you are looking to get started playing, then you may want to purchase plastic ones, as they are usually less expensive. However, as you grow your set and want to expand, buying metal is preferred. These have more weight to them and are less likely to get damaged.

Purchasing painted or unpainted figures is a matter of personal preference, but there is benefit to painting them yourself, for you can customise the paint job to fit your needs.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Games
While most people may think of reenacting real historical battles when they wargame, there is actually a whole world of fantasy figures available that will spark your imagination. Dwarfs, blood angels, giants, and bloodcrushers are all available, as are other fantasy creatures.

If you need help planning your imaginary battle, buying a book to help you plan team types, rules, and game options will get you started. These official reference guides do more than help you bring your battle – they keep all players honest and on the same page with stats and rosters.

Don't let you game night with your friends grow stale. If you have gotten tired of the same old games and are looking to expand to something that requires thought, commitment, and allows you to personalise your game, then looking into wargame figures is a great idea.

History buffs love the ability to feel like they were really in the battle, and the more creative types will shine with painting their figures and running battles with an army full of fantasy creatures.
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