Run to stay healthy

Running is a brilliant exercise to maintain a good health. People in city live a very hectic and strained life. That is why; running can be good for them.

Running in Mumbai events are not only for exercise for the city people. It invokes the awareness of fitness in human minds which is of great help.

Bhumi India Run: This is actually an annual running event which is mainly arranged in many citie4s together. The aim of this program is to promote fitness among busy city people and also to raise some funds for the education purpose of some under privileged children. So this program is basically a kind of fund raiser which at the same time provides recreation and idea of fitness who live in the city. This one is scheduled to happen in Mumbai on 3rd September and the time to report is at 5.30 AM. There are runs for 2 categories; one is for 5 km distance and one is for 10 km distance. The amount to be paid to participate in this run is Rs 500. Those who participate will be given a participation certificate and the winners will of course get medals. There will be a proper race track and refreshments will be provided.

Bhumi NGO is a non profit organization which has more than 12 thousand volunteers across 12 major cities in India. The event will happen near Bandra Fort.

Wada Dualthon 3rd Edition: this program is organised by the Tusya Travel and Hospitality Services and this one is scheduled to happen on 24th September, which is a Sunday. The starting point of the run is from Natventure Holiday Wada at 7 AM in the morning and will end at 12 noon. One has to take part by paying an amount of Rs 1100. There are three distances of dualthon; 5 kms, 7 kms and 10 kms respectively. There is a medal for every finisher and a participation certificate for everyone who participates. Refreshments will be arranged for the participants. In this event there is a running leg at first, then cycling leg and will end by a running leg again. For the cycling leg, the helmets are must for safety issues and no road bikes are allowed in the event. 

Stone Ridge Valley Marathon: this event is going to happen on 24th September and will begin on 6 in the morning. This marathon is divided into 42km, 21 km, 10 km, 5 km and 3 km respectively. The location finalised for this event is Brahmagiri which is a mountain range in the Western Ghats. The Trimbakeshwar Temple is located very nearby to this place. The hill is named after Lord Brahma. For full marathon, one has to pay an amount of Rs 1600. For half marathon, the cost is Rs 800 and for 10 kms it is Rs 600. The timing chip is an additional cost for the next two categories.

One can take part in these running events in the coming months and be aware of fitness.
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