How to create an online naughty dating profile

We all expect different things when it comes to dating; some of us are looking for romance whilst others prefer the more casual and naughty approach, and there is nothing wrong with that! The truth is that casual dating is more convenient for a lot of people, no need for commitment and no worrying about the next day. By getting the fun and companionship without the hassle, it feels like we get the best of both worlds. So how does one get started? Let’s find out.

Online dating works best.

The first thing to know is that finding other naughty adventurers is best done over the internet. Sure you can go out in clubs and ask people around if they are interested in having a little fun, but the truth is that you’re not guaranteed any success. Furthermore, asking strangers for sex can be awkward and can offend some people, which only leads to rejection. Instead, check out naughty dating sites where other people are there to do just the same thing, that way you’re not asking the wrong people. You can try this site for example, here there are many women and men looking just for sex, and you won’t be seen badly for asking. Basically it’s all about going to the right place so you can find the right people, and casual dating sites are full of those!

Create your naughty profile

Making an online dating profile isn’t difficult, especially when you’re looking at naughty dating. Whilst traditional dating will have you talk about your life and your ambitions, casual dating mainly involves talking about sex. Just say what you enjoy doing in bed by describing your favourite position, and talk about what you’re good at. It’s all about having fun so remember to keep an upbeat tone and show that you are here to have and offer a good time. Talk about your fantasies and what makes you click and you’re good to go, just wait for the messages to reach your inbox.

Use the right profile picture

A picture says more than a thousand words, so make sure you get the right photo of yourself. It should be a recent picture, after all you want to be as honest as possible about your looks as the other person will eventually find out how you really look once they meet you face to face. Just make sure it’s a fun picture that says: “this guy is a good time waiting to happen”. We’re not saying that you should be dressed in a clown outfit, but a smiling picture showing a good mood and some humour will go a long way in making other members more comfortable about the idea of meeting with you.

Online naughty chat

When people start responding to your profile and sending you messages, then the fun really begins. Even though this is naughty dating, there is no reason to be rude or disrespectful. No need to emulate porn movies, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Be nice, show some humour and make sure you ask questions. Asking other people what they like to do and what they enjoy will make you come across as considerate, and people will feel more confidence approaching someone who cares about their desires. So be polite, be fun, and good things will come to you!
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