Can casual dating become an addiction?

Have you ever met people who get obsessed about their partners even though they have only been out with each other for a few days? Chances are that you have done it yourself; and you probably thought that you were feeling the love right? Well what if we told you that you were feeling infatuation; even lust possibly? After all there are other feelings which feel as strong as love; and you don’t even have to be in a serious relationship to feel those. You can be casually dating different partners and still get really addicted as your feelings trick you into it; it might not be love but it still feels damn strong!

Lust is addictive

So let’s take a look at the feeling of lust. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept; lust is a strong form of sexual desire; and a lot more of us have felt it than we care to admit. When you just have sex without the complications of being a couple; you really enjoy a great time with no worries in the world. That in itself can be truly addicting; as once you’ve taken a bite from the forbidden fruit it is very hard to turn back.

Multiple partners

The thing about casual dating is that you can end up with multiple partners; and this can bring a lot of enjoyment to your life. If you enjoy playful sex then you hook-up with that one particular person; but if you prefer to do something naughtier then you call upon your other partner. The truth is that you can never have enough bedroom fun and the more you indulge the harder it becomes to live without it. This is why so many people end up just choosing the casual dating lifestyle; no strings sex just feels amazing and nsa sex hookups are a lot of fun.

Keeping a lid on it

You still have to be careful about how you feel; as the more addicted you become the cloudier your brain gets. You might reach a point where you are doing it too much to satisfy yourself and you might start neglecting your partner’s needs. Also if you have too much fun it tends to devalue it; and you will have a hard time keeping to the one relationship once you’ve decided to settle down. Like everything that is good in life sometimes you have to practice moderation; if anything just to appreciate what you’ve got

Can love take over lust?

A lot of people will be happy once they’ve had their fun; and the truth is that you ought to enjoy yourself before you decide to get all serious. That way you won’t have any regrets about not trying this and that; and you will be happy and secure with the one partner you’ve got. So if ever you find yourself getting a bit too addicted to lust, just try to progressively slow down. You will miss some of the sex but you will be able to compensate this with the lovely feeling that this special someone is always there for you.
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