How CCTV Helps in Making a Compensation Claim

It has been estimated that in London alone, there are over 420,000 CCTV cameras recording 24/7. Councils in other areas of the United Kingdom have far less than this, however in cities like Manchester and Leeds there is still an estimated 100,000 cameras recording 24/7. These numbers are staggering; however, CCTV cameras are there for a very good reason.

The main reason CCTV cameras are so prevalent in the United Kingdom is because they are a significant deterrent to would-be criminals. They also make people safer – despite the obvious downsides to privacy.

The benefit of so many CCTV cameras to you, as somebody who has suffered a personal injury, is that there’s a good chance that a camera somewhere has managed to record the events leading up to, during and after your accident. And if that footage is of a good quality, it can be used to substantiate your personal injury claim.

How CCTV can help your claim

CCTV footage has the potential to substantiate your claim in UK; but it also has the potential to refute your claim. So really, CCTV can be fantastic or detrimental when making a claim.

Assuming there is high quality CCTV footage to substantiate your claim, though, this evidence will be used to prove who was at fault for your accident and it will also provide an accurate timestamp.

An accurate timestamp is a good way to find a true Date of Limitation; in the United Kingdom, you only have three years to bring forward your claim from this date, after which your case will become time-barred or statute barred.

Improving the chances of claim success

If there is little evidence to support your claim, such as if it is simply your word against another person, then it can be difficult for you or even a lawyer to build you a compelling case for compensation. Under the circumstances, you may even have to settle on a split liability agreement, meaning you will only receive a reduced percentage of your settlement demand (this is typically 25-50 per cent less than the original settlement demand).

Now obviously, this is not a positive thing. If you truly were in no way responsible for an accident, it can be heart-breaking for another person to say otherwise. That is why CCTV can be so valuable. It can either be presented immediately with a case to get a positive outcome quickly, or it can be presented if the other side disputes the claim (if it happens to come to light further on in the claims process).

CCTV footage can be a claim saver, then, however it is important to point out that CCTV footage needs to be clear to be effective.
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