Know about Wonder Park in Nerul

The wonder park happens to be in Nerul, Navi Mumbai with ample amount of open space. With toy trains and a few rides it happens to be a delight. All of them are chargeable and the entry fees to the park is Rs35. A point to note is that this park is closed every Monday for maintenance. There is a food court along with the presence of a miniature which replicate the seven wonders of the world. There is a potential for the open spaces to be developed and it is done so, then it is bound to become one of the major attractions of the region.

Though one can say that the place is a bit costly, but with friends you can enjoy the place to the core. The rides may be a little above your budget, but all this is worthwhile considering the enjoyment factor. It is bound to be fantastic and at the same time super enjoyable. It is a good place to hang out with your family and for the kids it promises a large area to play with. All this is all the more refreshing as it presents a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the hectic city life that all of us are part of. The rides are nice and the whole area is kept neat and tidy. One has to really compliment the efforts of the maintenance staff who have gone on to done a great job. You can have a great time and enjoy with your kids by availing the train ride. After the rides, the kids would love to play on the playground, but the only point of concern is that there is not too much light after dark. The seven miniatures is really a wonder and if you are hungry then be ready to spend a considerable amount of time waiting in the line of the restaurant. The reason for it is that there is only one and a huge line of people waiting to get in.

Wonder park Nerul, is a great place for evening outing with your family, friends or kids. The lawns are nicely maintained with toilet facilities. For all the history buffs, a short hand description of each of the seven miniatures is depicted in detail. Perhaps the most important point to reach this place is that ample amount of parking space both free and open is available. The crows taking bath in the amphitheatre also happens to be one of the rarest of sights. The best part about this park is that there is ample sitting space so that the elderly people are not inconvenienced. As there is entry fee along with a separate fee for parking, one thing is for sure that the park is being well maintained and clean at all point of time.

For the kids in the evening it is a nice spot as their play area presents with a host of interesting options like rock climbing, playing with rope ladders etc.  Once again, the aspect of poor lights come into the picture as imagine a situation on how the park would look, if it is lit up in a magnificent manner. The whole park and the fountains would look great and the number of visitors would throng to this place in numbers.
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