Top Tips for Choosing Perfect Climbing Toys for Your Toddler

Toddlerhood is a great time characterised by a passion for learning new abilities and skills and growing physically. It’s at this age kids should be given climbing toys and they will enjoy them thoroughly. Toddlers are in the group of 2 to 4 years. Here are tips on how to encourage climbing in your toddler and why.

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Importance of Climbing Toys


Kids, especially toddlers, take pleasure in exploring. They love climbing, swinging and getting into things. And while exploring things, they may get into a lot of trouble too. Climbing toys meet their need of physical activity and exploration without putting them into trouble. 

For the safety of your toddler as well as your home, you always try to discourage your toddler from climbing. However, you should not do it because climbing is a very important form of locomotion. When kids learn this physical skill, they expend their energy in a productive manner. 

Ø  Climbing toys can satisfy the natural urge of your kids for curiosity and exploration

Ø  They also teach your kids self reliance and boost their self confidence

Ø  There are physical benefits of climbing

Ø  Climbing toys also provide a way to kids to assert their independence 

Ø  They also provide opportunities for unstructured play which is extremely important for children
All in all, you should help your kid climb and discover and have her/his own little adventure by finding the right kind of kid climbers at Step2 Direct for example. 

Choosing the Best Climbing Toys


There are certain rules which if you follow, you can find the best climbing toys for your child.

Size: Choose climbers according to your child’s age. If you plan to buy a tall, big climber to save money in the future avoiding buying a new one for your grown-up kid, you are putting your toddler at risk. Tall, big climbers are not actually safe for toddlers.

Space: Think upon whether you want an outdoor or indoor climber. If you are fortunate enough to have an open space or yard outside your house, you can buy an outdoor climber. However, you should also make sure that you can supervise kids to ensure their safety.

For Multiple Children: Choose a climbing toy on which more than one child can play at a time. This will be a great tool for your child to learn playing with other children and develop sociability. 

Safety: Be keen to choose a climbing toy made from child-safe, non-toxic material having no sharp protrusions or edges. Also choose a design that will not put your child in undesirable situations like falling or getting tangled and getting hurt.

Strength: You will also have to make sure that the climbing toy is strong and well-made so as to withstand rough usage your toddler will put it into.

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Climbing Toys Suggestions


Here are some suggestions about types of climbing toys that your toddler will enjoy and it will be beneficial for her/him.

Lookout Treehouse: This consists of a small staircase leading to a covered platform and a tiny slide on the other side. Toddlers enjoy climbing up stairs and then sliding down on the other side and repeating these two activities. It’s also a great fun to spend some time on the platform above with friends and look down! Its compact design makes it a great indoor as well as outdoor toy.

Clubhouse Climber: This is a slightly bigger climbing toy and with more complex structure suitable more for an outdoor play. It gives your toddler more opportunities to explore and can be used by many kids at a time.

Tikes Climb & Slide Castle: This is similar to the lookout treehouse in that it has small set of stairs, a platform and a slide. However it’s in the form of a castle which gives it a touch of fairytale atmosphere.

Along with climbing toys, take a look at Step2 Direct sand and water tables for toddlers as these too are great toys for kids.
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