Good signs of wearing pearl

Pearls are mainly organic gemstones and it has a very interesting formation. It is retrieved from a molluscs’ shell which is said to be the inner surface of the shell and then it is processed to form a pearl stone. According to experts, a pear stone can take seven to eight years to complete its formation.

Moti pearl gem stones are mainly extracted from the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. One can get to see a lot of variants of pearls. There is Natural Pearl and along with that, there is Black pearl, Seed Pearl, Blister Pearl, Biwal Pearl, Fresh water Pearl and Cultured pearl. In fact, pearls can be of various colours as well. Though white is the most common colour found, the other colours that are available are brown, black and hints of pink.

Pearls are mainly worn as jewellery and it is a source to enhance beauty. There are various pearl accessories available like earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings and bangles and women wear it often when they dress up. But at the same time, pearl as a gem stone has some astrological effects on human body and life as well. It is said that pearl is the birth stone for those who are born in the month of June and is good for those who have sun signs like Cancer and Gemini. Many astrologers believe that if a couple exchange fresh water pearls on their first wedding anniversary, it can bring good luck to them.

Know the benefits of this gem stone

There are various benefits of pear gem stone. Some of them are given as follows.

ü  As pearl is said to be the stone of Moon, it can reduce the negative effects of the Moon on an individual.
ü  It helps one to think positively removing all the negative thoughts in their mind.
ü  In case of love life, it brings confidence and increases trust among the pair. For those who are newly married, it can be extremely beneficial for them to carry their relationship forward.
ü  Wearing a pearl gem stone can bring luck to an individual. It can always change the direction of life to a positive one.
ü  If someone is suffering from insomnia or other sleep problems, then this gem stone can be of great help. It also cures some female health problems like formation of cysts in ovaries.
ü  It reduces hypertension in a human mind.
ü  It helps one to maintain their cool and also helps one to not lose their mind soon. As a result, one can keep their heat in control and take positive and right decisions in right time. It also increases the self confidence in one and boost up one’s energy.

It is always a good idea though to consult an astrologer before wearing a pearl gem stone. Pearl gemstone price always depends on the karat and the type of pearl which one chooses to wear. Authentic pearls are rare and expensive as well.
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