Four Easy Tips for Maintaining your Denim Jeans

Finding the right pair of jeans might seem the only daunting task when you are shopping for denim. However, unfortunately, it is not so. Buying a perfect pair of denim by scurrying through a few denim jeans stores or browsing through some shopping sites on the internet is relatively easy. But have you thought what happens after your purchase? Will it look the same throughout? If you do not maintain them, they will not be able to retain their gorgeous quality and smart look. 

Jeans must be treated differently from all other kinds of garments because of its unique fabric quality. It requires added attention if you want them to look the same. But you shouldn’t be scared to buy jeans and stop wearing it. Instead, learn the tricks that can keep your jeans stylish and give you a forever sizzling look in them: 

1. Limited Washing

It might sound strange but if you really want to prevent your jeans from fading, you must avoid washing them as long as possible. Only when they start beginning to stretch at your waist or knees, you should consider washing them. However, make sure the water is cold with minimum agitation. This is done so that there is less amount of stress on the cotton fibers. If you want the best results, soak the jeans for a long time and then lay them flat. You must never scrub the denim and also avoid using bleach and similar products. It is better to avoid washing them with other clothes as there might be chances of color transfer. And always turn them inside-out so that the color is not destroyed.

Also, if your pair of denim has embroidery or any other embellishments, you must be extra careful as washing them can tear or damage them. Are you scared that the wash will fade the dark color of your favorite jeans? You can use a solution of white vinegar and water to keep the color intact. In the case of a dark spot or stain, use a damp cloth with a gentle detergent to blot it out. But never try to rub it forcefully. 

2. Avoiding Heat

After washing the jeans, let the jeans lie flat or air dry over the clothing rack but never put them in the dryer. And even if you put them in the dryer to tighten it, put them on a low setting for half a cycle. Do not use fabric softeners because if the denim is over-softened, it can wear out rapidly. Since this prevents the fabric from shrinking or tearing away, avoiding heat is a sure shot way of keeping your jeans as good as a new one. 

3. Iron when Damp

If you want to keep your jeans new and wrinkle-free, you can iron them when they are still damp. It will keep the original crease of your jeans intact if you can do it perfectly. It helps in keeping the cotton in shape and eliminates chances of stretching out. 

4. Dry Clean

If you do not want to take the hassle of remembering so many things when you are washing your jeans, the easiest way out would be to give your jeans for dry cleaning. The dry cleaning can easily remove stains, oil and dirt without causing any harsh effects on the denim. However since this is a little expensive, most users avoid using this method. 

For the best maintenance of your jeans, you must look at the tag of your denim. It has all the necessary washing information that you need to know. Apart from this, you must take care of your jeans while you are wearing it. Try to not cause any rips, punctures or other things that might damage the cotton fibers. When you regularly carry your cell phones or wallets in your jeans pockets, it might put an added pressure on the fabric, leading to holes. So, if you want to prevent such thinning and tearing, do not burden your pockets with heavy items regularly. For more information, you can speak to the stores offering wholesale jeans. They can guide you better with the kind of denim you own. 

Author Bio: Seb Reyes writes blogs on wholesale jeans. Here, she gives us tips to maintain denim jeans so that they look crisp and new. 

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