Revitalise Yourself with Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Essential oils can help you relax, unwind, de-stress and feel revitalised. These oils can be used in a number of ways, including for massage, in your bath, added to a body lotion or spritzed in the air, depending on your preferences and requirements.

From helping you to get a good night's sleep to feeling re-energised or more relaxed, aromatherapy is nature's way of helping you feel good.

A Soothing Massage

One of the most popular uses for aromatherapy oils is in massage because not only do you get the benefit of the oil's properties, but all your tension is also rubbed away. Aromatherapy massage oil can contain different properties and can even be mixed according to your specifications.

Aromatherapy massage oil that contains frankincense can help you relax, whilst geranium soothes and helps you to rebalance, especially in times of extreme stress. Lavender is used in massages to nurture you and is often used as a way to help encourage sleep, and patchouli grounds you whilst bringing about a sense of peace. There are different types of oils for every requirement, and before you get a massage, you can often choose what you prefer.

Creating a Reinvigorating Environment

If you want to feel revitalised and create an environment that is harmonious and has a great energy, aromatherapy oils added to a diffuser or vaporiser can help you do just that. By adding a few drops of oil to a diffuser, you can clear the air and create a calm, pleasant atmosphere. This is the ideal option for when you don't have time for a massage but wish to achieve a similar effect.

Sandalwood is an excellent option to revitalize and reinvigorate as it clarifies and stills the mind, allowing for clearer thought. Basil helps to relieve mental stress and tiredness and is a wonderful option for those who have a busy lifestyle. If you want a pick-me-up, lemongrass is a wonderful essential oil that is quick to refresh and leaves you feeling more alert, whilst lime has a similar effect.

An Instant Pick-Me-Up

If you are unable to have an aromatherapy massage but still want to enjoy the same benefits, another great way to relax is by gently inhaling the oil. Dripping a drop on your hands and then rubbing them together and inhaling the scent is a great way to feel refreshed.

If you've had an aromatherapy massage and want to extend its benefits, you can also put a drop of oil on your pillow so that you continue to inhale it whilst you sleep, and you'll awake feeling revitalised.

Whichever way you choose to use aromatherapy oils, the benefits will be almost immediately evident, and you'll feel much better right away.
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