Hauz Khas Village market is a paradise to shoppers

One of the famous places to be visited in Delhi by everyone is Hauz Khas Village. This place is famous because it lets you experience historical India and the current modern India at the same time. The charm offered by this place is inexplicably owing to its pleasant green neighborhood. Unlike the rest of Delhi, this destination is less crowded with people and vehicles.

Therefore, you can take a peaceful walk on the roads of this place without being honked or pushed in haste. There are several famous mosques and tombs present here. Owing to its increasing popularity, this place now homes several first class restaurants and shopping places, especially boutiques.

Shopping in a medieval age setting

The name ‘Hauz Khas’ was given to this place after a water tank that was built by Allauddin Khilji in order to ensure continuous water supply to the inhabitants of that place. Several ruins of that Islamic settlement dating back to the 13th century can still be found there. Therefore shopping in Hauz Khas market can give you a medieval age experience owing to its old buildings and alleyways.

This market is made even more beautiful with its deer park and rich supply of birds. The biggest attraction of Hauz Khas Village is the lake present here. Several ethnic stores can be found by the side of this lake. Shopping by this lake on a spring evening can be a memorable experience.

Furniture outlets selling antique designs

Currently, the Hauz Khas Village is being referred to as the village of New York East. Apart from the traditional homes, there are also several designer buildings present here. This place houses a range of trendy and colorful stores that will make hearts flutter. The Hauz Khas village market is famous for its furniture outlets. Several unique pieces of home d├ęcor and furnishing related products can be purchased here.

Shoppers can easily find pieces with antique and ancient royal finish here. Apart from furniture, mind blowing designs of carpets can also be purchased here. These carpets are specially made with traditional patterns to imitate the ones used in royal courts of kings.

Designer boutiques

The biggest specialty of Hauz Khas Village market are the boutiques found here. Several famous designers have established their outlets in this market. The boutiques here are popular for their fashionable sequined sarees. Designer blouses can also be bought here. Several brides prefer to shop here owing to the unique pieces of lehengas and cholis sold in these outlets. Anarkali suits can also be purchased from these boutiques in all ranges. Shopping in this market can make dress lovers buy nonstop.

Arts and crafts shops

Several outlets that deal with products concerning Indian arts, crafts and textiles can be found in Hauz Khas Village market. Shopping in these outlets can be an interesting experience owing to the assortment of products sold here. Right from hand painted lunch boxes to huge wall hangings, everything sold by these stores can greatly impress the shoppers.

Lovely designs of baskets, drawers, bowls, pots, mugs, trays etc. can be purchased from these shops. Thus shopping in Hauz Khas village market is something that shoppers should try at least once in their lifetime.
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