Kamla Nagar, The Perfect Place To Shop And Hangout With Friends

These days, the prices of all items are touching the zenith and every time it is not possible to go to a posh mall and empty out your debit cards. There is a limit to even the credit cards! Lol. So, every while, people look out for places, where they can shop their hearts out, without paying through their nose, especially the girls, who need a matching pair of wedges with every dress they wear!

Kamla Nagar, located in the heart of Delhi is one such paradise for all the shopaholics. Fly your way to Delhi, whether you are living in Pune, Bangalore or Chennai, and besides trotting the popular landmarks of the capital city, satiate your lust for shopping at the market of Kamla Nagar. Delhi to Chennai flights cheapest fare can be checked at a number of flights, which are pouring with various discount offers and other cashback schemes. So, book your tickets now, and haste to Delhi.

If you are in Delhi and want to reach Kamla Nagar, then have a nice excuse to explore the plocal life of the Delhiites, by making your journey through the Delhi Metro. The nearest metro station to Kamla Nagar market is Vishwavidyala on the yellow line (Badli to Huda City Centre Route). However, if you wish to use the red line (running from Rithala to Dilshad Garden), you can deboard the train at the Pulbangash Metro Station. From both these stations, a number of options are available, which will land you to your destination. Grab a battery rickshaw and it will drop you right in the market in mere 20 rupees.

Once you have reached the market, get ready to start picking things up, and stuff them in your bags. You will come across a multitude of shop vendors, selling the latest trendy clothes at the best prices, suitable for your pocket. Although they are the roadside vendors, yet they are always flocked up with the DU girls, who pick a lot of the trendy clothes a dime a dozen. And talking of DU, you will see most of the crowd from colleges nearby, most of which are girls. The place is also dotted with couples, who move hand in hand, and go about shopping the streets.

Apart from clothes, you are also bound to be stopped by the handbags and purse sellers, of the latest styles and colours, which will lure you to grab one for you. Do not forget to bargain with the prices, as there is a great difference between the actual price and the price quoted.

The footwear sellers are also quite a sight here. A wide variety of Kolhapuri chappals, floaters, slippers and heels are available for girls, at very cheap prices. It is quite a wonder if you leave the market, without buying a pair for you.

After a lot of shopping, satiate your taste buds with a number of eateries and restaurants here. There is a very popular Chhole Bhature Wala, which is always overflowing with hungry people, and closes sharp at 3 pm. Other restaurants are there, like the popular Momos Point, which served the best Chinese Meal in that area. Do try it.
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