Bore well water testing ensures water quality

Any place that is not supplied with municipal water uses bore well water, be it a household, farm or business. This makes it absolutely essential to get bore well water testing carried out regularly to rule out the existence of
·         natural impurities such as nutrients from rocks and soil
·         heavy metals
·         radioactive minerals as these are found underground
·         boron gas
·         toxic chemicals
·         disease causing microorganisms
If the water source is close to farms and industries then bore well water can be contaminated with fertilizers, pesticides and animal waste. Seepage from septic tanks and floods increase the presence of microorganisms in ground water.

Bore well water testing from an NABL accredited bore-well water testing lab ensures water quality. A water testing certificate is a guarantee that the bore well water is safe to drink. Whenever there is a shortage of municipal water supply people tend to use bore-well water as the primary water source. If the bore-well water has not been tested then it could be unsafe for drinking.

Normally bore well water is purified by natural processes as it slowly seeps through various layers of soil. However, contaminants also seep into the ground water supply from contaminated surface water sources, drains, mining operations, farms, garbage dumps and industrial toxic materials. Drinking this contaminated water or even using is for agricultural and food manufacturing purposes could be a health hazard.  Therefore, bore well water testing is a necessity and it must be tested according to the relevant quality standards.

Bore well water is widely used as a source of potable/drinking water for which it needs to be tested according to IS standard IS 10500.If bore well water is used as a source for packaged drinking water then a bore well water test analysis report has to be submitted along with the application for license to the Bureau of Indian Standards. Nobody can package drinking water without a BIS license and that means the water analysis report from the NABL accredited laboratory has to be compliance with BIS standards.

A number of small and big businesses also use bore –well water including the pharmaceutical industry. This means the bore-well water testing has to be carried out according to the water compliance requirements of World Health Organisation (WHO) or US EPA besides being tested according to BIS standards. If you have a food business you need to get your water tested according to IS 4251 specifications for bore well water testing. If the food products are being exported then the bore well water testing will follow the water standards of the country to which the food is being exported. 

Besides testing bore well water for drinking the construction industry also gets bore-well water tested before using it for construction purposes. Contaminants in bore well water can affect the strength of the construction. Higher level of chlorides can lead to corrosion of the reinforcement steel bars. Water used in construction should meet the requirement of IS 456.
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