Should You Check with Your Partner Before Buying an Engagement Ring Set?

One of the trickiest conundrums a man faces when planning to get engaged to his lady love is whether or not to do the traditional big surprise of an unexpected proposal. The obvious benefits of doing the surprise are the wow factor and expression of astonished joy that will hopefully greet you.

However, there is one major issue to consider when planning whether to opt for such a proposal - and that issue is ring-shaped.

To Buy or Not to Buy, That Is the Question

By purchasing the ring yourself and going through the traditional surprise proposal, you do run the risk of your loved one not liking the ring you have chosen for her. For many women a proposal is (and will remain) one of the most special moments of their lives. As for the ring itself, it can be seen as a symbol not only of your love for her but of how much you understand and cherish her. This means if you choose the wrong ring, or plump for a ring that she perceives as ugly or unimpressive, she may say 'yes' to your proposal but inwardly she will feel a pang of disappointment.

Take the Plunge Together

The obvious way to avoid your special someone disliking the ring you have chosen is to go shopping for engagement and wedding ring sets as a couple. There are several reasons why this is a good idea.

First and most obviously, your engagement and wedding ring sets are going to be worn for the rest of your lives, so you want to be sure that you are both entirely happy with them and that they are objects of beauty which you will be proud to display on your fingers. This is particularly crucial for the bride-to-be, as women have more of an emotional connection to their jewellery than men do and are more likely to want to show their rings to friends and family.

Another reason to go ring shopping as a twosome is that it removes a lot of the stress from your shoulders and also will probably bring you closer together as a couple. It might not have the major wow factor of a surprise get-down-on-one-knee moment, but it is romantic in a more subtle way and is sure to give you both that warm fuzzy feeling inside as you pore over displays in a jeweller's shop and start imagining the future that lies ahead of you both.

Last but not least, choosing a ring together gives your fiancée the chance to feel like you are truly a partnership and lets her know that she will always get to have her own say in big decisions. It also shows that you really care about her feelings and want to make sure she is happy - something that is guaranteed to please any prospective bride, even if it means forgoing those few moments of surprise.
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