Tips To Look Taller in Any Outfit??

Height is largely determined by your genetics and environment. Although several factors that determine your height are out of your control, there are a few things,  your height stays the same.

But by wearing some type of outfits make you to look taller. So know the tips to choose the right type of dress to look taller.

Wear V neck Dresses
V-neck tops help elongate the neck and can add to the illusion of a lengthened body. Tuck one in to a pair of high waisted pants for chic and stylish look.

Go for Skinny Jeans
Skinny  jeans always the most flattering options. However, if you find the right pair they can make all the difference in making you appear taller. Stick to dark coloured denim for a lean, fitted look.

Prefer Stripes
Wide stripes add height, while others prefer skinnier stripes. And then there are the few who find that horizontal stripes work best. When picking stripes to make you appear taller, it’s best to try on a range of styles first.

Smaller Prints
Smaller prints and patterns make you look taller. So go for simple and smaller prints.

Wear Heels
One of the easiest tip to make you look taller is to slip on a pair of heels. Adding an inch or so with a pair of heels will quite literally add extra height to your stature. 

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