Creative Braids to Cure You from Your Ponytail Rut

Sometimes we end up in a ponytail rut. One of the most popular and versatile styles amongst celebrity stylists is the braid. The braid is an extension of your personality. It can bring a sense of elegance and style that other hairstyles are unable to do. The braid works with long and short hair. It is a style that looks great on every one and it is easy to do when you are short on time.

One of the most popular braids in history is the french braid. It is a
current hair trends that cascades down the back in a series of crossovers. Three pieces intertwine to create a rope effect. A great twist to this is to tuck in the french braid. It takes the end of the braid and tucks it underneath close to the nape of your neck.

A really beautiful and whimsical braid is the weaved-in carousel braid. It is easy to replicate. You part your hair down the middle. Then take a thick section off of one side. Braid it all the way down. This braid will lie flat on top of the rest of your hair. Take that piece and pin it underneath the rest of your hair closer to the back. It will sort of create a half crown around your head. Next, braid the rest of your hair on that same side all the way down and tie it.

Sometimes a ponytail is exactly what you want. An oldie but a goodie by celebrity hairstylists is the french braided ponytail. You comb all of your hair back. You then tie a ponytail in the back of your head. Take a sliver of the hair from that ponytail and braid it. Once you are done braiding it, wrap it around the ponytail, tuck it in and pin it. You create a braided scrunchi effect around your ponytail.

For those with long hair the spiral lace braid is a beautiful twist. Divide your hair down the middle. Then take a sliver off of one side and make a long thin braid. Tie the end of the braid to hold it together. Take the braid and loosely wrap it spiraling down from top to bottom around the rest of the hair from that same side. Then pin it or tie it down at the bottom. The braid spirals around your hair loosely off to one side.

When all else fails sometimes the best tried and true hairstyle is a simple braid!
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