Your spunky & loyal companion!!

Everyone would surely be giving blessings to the person who invented the denim jeans. It is like our 24*7 companion. Before cotton pants & palazzos became a rage, a denim jean was everyone’s all-time favourite. All I can only think of what I wore during my teenage and till nowis jeans & top, jeans & t-shirt, jeans & shirt, jeans & kurta and jeans & poncho. Unknowingly jeans for women have become an invincible part of their wardrobes! It just matches with any & everything.

It is a more common practise among guys to wash their jeans after wearing it at least for 15 times. Yes don’t be alarmed that is why we love it so much!! Well few in the girls’ fraternity as well wash it after wearing it three to four times. Such a comfy option, saving on all the washing effort. It’s usually our grand mom’s& mom’s screaming at us to wash the jeans which were happily hanging on the door of our room. I am sure they must be cursing the inventors of jeans for sure.

Today the material jean has been used so innovatively by the creative masterminds of the fashion world. There are denim one piece dresses, tops, jackets, shirts, spaghettis, skirts, kurtis and anything else you can possibly imagine. The fabric has mesmerized one and all in the fashion industry that is curating wonderful apparel with it. There is one whole section of denim world that exists and for the denim aficionados it is their one stop paradise. It is surprising to see the number of varieties available in the market with regard to the denimjeans. From suave jackets, trendy one pieces and chic miniskirts; this category can never go out of vogue.

Remember the bell-toms which were a big craze, then came the straight fit & then the slim fit, jegging style; so the fabric remains eternal ever whatever the cut may be! The bell-bottoms were very comfortable and free flowing while the slim fit ones look extremely sleek, smart & trendy showing your body shape perfectly. The skinny & slim fit style is much in rage these days. All women are going mad to reduce weight & fit into those hot skinny jeans!!Every time we try and recall our waist line its always by the number on our perpetual companion- Jeans!! Well the journey from 36 to 24 will need a dedicated diet & exercise regime and it’s possible, start now. 

The world has indeed become a smaller place with the advent of the internet and thanks to it, online women jeans are so easy to access & shop. The innumerable amount of option available for ladies jeans online makes it all the more easier for us to choose the one we like from the comfort of our homes. American Swan presents a classy collection of latest jeans for ladies in never though before styles & hues. Also indulge into one piece dress online shopping in India through the American Swan website- the gateway to a one stop fashion solution!!      
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