Fashion Disasters Men Should Avoid At Any Cost!

While there’s no golden rule to stay clear from faux pas, there are some things which men must not become a victim of. To begin with, it’s highly painful to see grown up men dressed as teenagers. They are in a misconception that this kind of dressing will take off some years from their look and help them look young. However that only makes for a distasteful outfit appearance. You can check out stylish options for caps online and select the best one for yourself for different events. To ensure that you are not one of them, read these tips and maintain distance from those fashion blunders which can put you in spotlight for all wrong reasons. Here’s the list of fashion mistakes which you shouldn’t committ:

1)    Suspenders and belt
-         Suspenders and a belt might look good to you in movies however if you are going to sport the same look in real life, be prepared to draw flak from fashion police. The purpose of suspenders is to pull up the pants and the same thing is done by a belt. So why wear them together and make yourself joke of the town? Do yourself a favour and stay clear of them unless you want to risk looking like a rectangular shape.

2)    Sport shoes with trousers
-         There’s something called dressing sense which still rules at large today. Trousers come under the category of formal attire and sport shoes fall under athletic category. I have seen many guys wearing this combination to office and it’s a pity to see them doing that. Dressy shoes or oxford shoes work best with formal attire. Buy yourself a quality pair after browsing through Redchief shoes price list on and stock on them. Swear to never wear this combination again in life and look bad.

3)    Sticking to baseball caps
-         While women have the advantage of wearing them even in the most glamorous manner, you don’t have it. For you, baseball caps are suited best for occasions where there’s any sports activity involved. If not, please don’t wear them. You have more options to choose from to cover your head and flaunt your style. You can check out stylish options for caps online and select the best one for yourself for different events. Make use of Fashionandyou coupons present on and give your accessory drawer a makeover with them.
4)    Backpacks
-         Backpacks are great for students to travel in a comfortable manner and carry load with ease. However if you are an office going person, dump your backpack and instead buy a sling bag which gives a professional time. There are many sling bags available today which offers the same ease of carrying stuff and provide you ample of space to store the things you require. Opt for leather ones in solid shades such as Black or navy blue as they are universally flattering shades. Don’t go for flashy colors as they might even get you close to being fired or getting insulted from your boss.

5)    Ostentatious jewellery
-         Just because Bappi Lehri does it, doesn’t mean that you too should! Flashy jewellery will make you look like a mafia gangster or a drug lord. So unless you want to look like them, avoid flashy jewellery by all means. Hip hop stars carry it well as the jewellery gets blended in with their personality. But you can’t get away with doing the same. Instead choose elegant pieces such as watch and dainty jewellery if you have to wear accessories. Say no to such items from getting embarrassed. 

Now when you know of these fashion blunders, take notes and don’t let them happen!
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