5 Best Schools For Personal Shopper Training

If you ever considered a career as a personal shopper but wondered how you get started, this article is for you. A love of fashion and a keen eye for style may seem like it is enough but in the competitive London world of fashion, you have to really stand out to get ahead. The best way to be seen is to be knowledgeable of the field which requires proper training. There are many schools that will train you to become a personal shopper or image consultant but these 5 schools offer the best personal shopper training in London:

1.            Sterling Style Academy
With training locations in cities all over the world including London, New York, Miami, Dubai, Hong Kong and India, the Sterling Style Academy is well-known in the fashion world. For those who are not located near a city where courses are offered, there is an online program offered year-round. With many different length courses available, you will gain certification that can help you become a personal shopper, personal stylist, image consultant or fashion consultant.

2.            London College of Style

This school offers a 12 week “Foundation in Fashion & Personal Styling Diploma” with programs in January, April and September to be taken at either its London or Manchester locations. The areas of study include editorial styling, digital portfolio skills, personal styling, color analysis, business, brand & marketing, customization, history of fashion, tv/celebrity & show styling, fashion & style writing, personal blog and live industry based projects.

3.            Gabrielle Teare Image Consultant Training

Leading London personal stylist Gabrielle Teare has created 4 types of courses to teach those interested in becoming a personal shopper or stylist: one day professional style seminar, personal stylist courses, business and marketing skills, and corporate training and motivation programs. As a trained designer holding an Alexa image consultant rating of number 1 in both the United Kingdom and Europe, Gabrielle uses her training and experience to provide students the best personal shopper training available.

4.            NHJ Style Academy

Offering training by the best in the business, this school boosts celebrity stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones and her team as the course directors. This program is directed towards those that want to be personal stylists or personal shoppers for retailers.

5.            The Image Academy

Located in Central London, this image consultant training school tailor their courses to provide complete fashion training in just days. With over 70 topics to study, their certificate program will prepare you to be a personal shopper, fashion stylist or image consultant with tutors to help you from start to finish. The Image Academy is so confident in its programs that it guarantees your success in becoming a stylist.

If you are serious about becoming a personal shopper, then being trained at one of these 5 London schools will help you achieve your dream. Pick the school with the best personal shopper training benefits to suit your needs and move ahead toward the career of your dreams.

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