Secret Tips For A Glam Airbrush Tan

Perfectly toned skin seems to be effortlessly achieved naturally by Brazilians, but for everyone else, there’s spray tanning.

One of the renowned experts of tanning is Gotham Glow. They provide flawless, natural tans quick and easy. Their highly qualified technicians use exceptional tonal techniques and shading to leave you not only glowing from the outside, but from the inside, too. Everyone feels and looks better with a Gotham Glow.

But there’s good news for all those sticklers who are edgy when it comes to avoiding the sun or using plenty of SPF. We are spilling some real secrets that will make you feel like a glamour goddess. So drum rolls and get ready to know all the good, the bad and the orangey-ugly of the airbrush tans.

It is imperative to choose your salon very carefully. One should always opt for a place using professional solutions. They attempt to customize your tan according to the occasion by offering a wide-ranging variety including Fire, Ice, Refresh, Renew, Rebuild, Youth, Luck, Bliss and Twinkle Tan; hence, catering to all kinds of customers, who are bound to come back for more. The treatment is customized handled by skilled professionals ensuring precision and perfection. It is an experience that is simply irresistible! One of the renowned experts for tanning is Gotham Glow. It provides simple quick and easy tanning process to all their clients and meets their various tanning needs through the seasons. Gotham Glow is another fabulous choice for a glowing tan where expert and qualified technicians use exceptional tonal techniques that leave you glowing inside-out.

To achieve the best results, schedule your spray tanning session at a time that works best for you. Usually you will have to wear the solution on the skin for up to 8 hours after your appointment. Choose a time when you will be stress free, able to wear loose, dark clothing, and relax indoors away from the summer heat.

Be sure to prep your skin before your appointment. Exfoliate the top layer of your skin to help the tan go on more evenly and last longer. A mild soap and natural loofah are all you need. It’s best if you schedule all your beauty appointments before your tan. Manicures, pedicures should be done before so you can enjoy the soaks and scrubs. Be sure to come to your appointment with clean dry skin and the technician will do the rest.

What you wear, or don’t wear, to your tanning session totally depends on your comfort level. Whether you wear an old swimsuit, thong, and old underwear or booty shorts or wear nothing at all is your choice. However, many people have their tanning session while they are standing on a towel or even bare feet. In this way, the soles of your feet will take the color of the spilled tanning solution, turning them unpleasantly dark. So make sure you have sticky feet on before the process starts. What you wear after the tanning counts for a lot to avoid getting any unflattering splotches. It’s a good idea to carry loose-fitting clothes.

The after-care and maintenance after your airbrush tanning is equally important. When you take a shower after waiting for eight hours, use mild soaps. Stay away from scrubby brushes and exfoliates. Do not rub yourself dry with a towel. Instead dab it softly and slather up with baby oil. This will help you to keep your tan pretty and flawless.
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